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October 13, 2013
All Poetry


There is an energy in me that just won't quit. It's fiery and passionate.
It's soft and nurturing. A wide spectrum of colors spiraling up out of the ground. Shooting out to into the universe like some pulsar star.
Love, grief, joy, bliss, anger, passion all combine to create a deeper more compassionate me. Experience and self exploration give me the ability to look you in the eye and be present. Slowly pealing back the veils and going closer to the heart. I live for that. It's very much like eating a banana with the skin or pealing it back to enjoy the yummy insides. Depending on the person it could be a pineapple, or even a coconut. We all have some outer layers, some are harder and thinker. Some are so thin just like a strawberry there juice rests right on the surface. I love tasting such precious nectar and I am honored if you allow me to see and taste your insides.

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