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October 26, 2013
All Poetry


Close my eyes
A harsh statement
No one around
Will this ways be my world
I wish it not so
A single tear on my cheek
Followed by others
Pleading with my insides
I don't wish this to be my end of day
Another day alone
Another day with out the desired affection
Another day without a loving word or moment shared
Can this really be it
Am I some how inadequate
Or does my river have such depth
Run such a twisted path
Making it hard to find kin
I believe them to exist
I desire to give and receive Love
Collapsing over and over
Picking myself off the floor
Wondering if I will ever see the change I work to implement
Sometimes I stay in the floor
Not wanting to stand up
Getting tired of falling down
Wishing for some place to draw comfort
Somebody who's energy would join with my own
That I might have outside inspiration
Something other then my own strength aiding in my standing up again

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