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July 13, 2013
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A Dragon tries to materialize inside my chest
Its tail Spiraling down my body to my groin
I Breathe in, he starts to materialize
I sit in silence, he starts to take shape and form
The fire in my belly pushes against the stillness
Struggling to hold empty space
The Dragon dematerialize into a ghostlike form
I Breathe in again
Keeping the ghost dragon with me
Needing the energy of the pack to fully conjure this Majestic Beast
Dancing with the Tribe feeds my soul
Exchanging energy with others opens me up
Allowing for more space, deeper breath and more energy to summon the Dragon's Might
He seeks to connect my primal sexual energy with the innermost chambers of my heart
Bringing a lot of energy into sensitive places
Blazing a trail for the Furious Fire to enter Tender Loving Space.
Kundalini energy spiraling around my chest
Finding ways deeper inside

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