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September 20, 2013
All Poetry


The moon whispers of the secrets of the night
Illuminated once what was darkness in her eerie glow
Outlining the shadows
Our darker desires
Our haunting past that still lingers
The moon shows what the sun casts out.
We are all safe basking in those majestic beams
An unwritten promise
But as the sun slowly descents
The veil of night dances across the sky
Giving permission to let go
To embrace those desires
To allow those lustful thoughts
Nighttime also brings hauntings
Unresolved past traumas
As the clock gets closer to the witching hour
Death seeps across the land calling those close to him to come back to the realm of spirit
It's a strange time
The Shadow of the Night
I am drawn to its mysteries
I seek to understand what it teaches
And not be afraid of the
The Shadow of the Night!

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