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September 26, 2013
All Poetry


Sitting in silence.
I desire to have more on my team.
To aid at moments when I feel I am losing.
To rejoice in my victories.
To share tales of woe.
To be an ally against common foe.
In breaking of unwanted patterns.
In creating and manifesting our hearts desire.
To bare witness to tears, joy, laughter and sorrow.
Who will stand by your side? Who will watch your back?
There is little meaning in a gaining a victory that is not shared.
And lonely is a position to shed a tear in absence of a caring witness.
Would you share in open honesty?
Are you willing to look inside in dark corners as intimacy is explored?
Can you allow yourself to be vulnerable and present in your emotions?
Will you meet me 1/2 way?
Join my team and enlist me in yours.

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