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April 13, 2002
All Poetry


Is a kiss just a kiss??

I thought so

I was trying to dance towards her

she kept dancing away

Don't know why she finally said yes

Maybe it was my gentle open way about me

Maybe it was my persistence

or maybe just something in the air

We danced!

Moving closer, moving away

Lightly brushing against each other

Thinking to myself, this is not going to happen

Looks like we will just say good night…..

But then a slight sift in body position

Maybe a moment of openness??


No pulling back, no pushing away

I rub my head against hers like a lion looking for affection

I gaze at her for a moment

Then ever so slightly moving closer

Brushing my cheek against her cheek

Running my fingers thru her hair

Our lips barely touching

Tongues gently tasting

All the oxygen in my body escaped me

I don't remember exactly what happened

I think time had stopped

Hours passed without notice


All I saw were her eyes, her lips

All I felt was her touch, her KISS

I could have been anywhere in the world and nowhere…..

Everything beyond us was out of focus, or didn't exist

All I cared for was THAT MOMENT

All I wanted WAS THAT KISS!!!!!!!!

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