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Devil’s Heart T‑Shirt

Sale $25


Devil’s Heart – T-shirt
100% pre-shrunk cotton
Screen Printed


Well first off I don’t belief in a mystical being “devil”. We all have positive and negative energy in us, how we use it is what matters. “Devil” symbolizes our shadow side. So here it stands for doing things your Mom told you not to as a kid, going against what society might think (without deliberately hurting anyone). A heart is a world wide symbol of Love. Adding the bat wings, horns & tail gives it a “dark/wicked” vibe. The design is sorta loving energy with a TWIST. The heart showing some caring but the horns saying I wont always be so “NICE about it. In a mischievous playful way. Its shows a desire to connect and hints at some naughty sexual energy with a pure intention.
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