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The outer circle and 4 posts come from Native American culture. The circle represents the cycle of life and the posts the 4 directions. North, South, East, West, each corresponding to a season and a type of teaching. North=Winter-sadness/defeat. East=Spring-victory/success. South=Summer-peace/serenity. West=Autumn-death/closure. The fire in the center for me represents our Spirit / or the part of us that never dies no matter what is thrown our way. To me it’s a strong symbol of inner strength, perseverance and the beauty of the human SPIRIT.

48″x 48″

Hand cut acrylic  1/4″

Each design can be made out of Metal / Acrylic / Wood.

Custom paint jobs upon request.

Prices vary depending on material and paint job.

More SculpturesInquire Regarding Purchase

Custom Finishes & Colors Available (Additional Charge)
Powder Coating or Polyurethane Finish)
•High Gloss

High Quality LED lighting.
2 part custom mounting brackets.
Lighting has a remote control color selection and or selecting fade options.
Plaque of Jack Roman authenticity.
• All Sculpture designs can be customized (such as names, symbols being cut into design etc) for additional fee.

• A variety of finishes and colors are available some at additional costs.

• All Sculptures sizes can be customized available up to 5’ x 10’
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