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Automotive Photography

Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire!
Start your Engines! Time to professionally capture your unique vehicle. Let me help you stand out with some dynamic photography and lighting. American Muscle, Exotics, Tuners or wherever your passion lies. I look forward to checking out your ride. Being able to combine my love for photography and the engineering that went into these wicked machines.
Give me Fuel, Give me Fire, Give me that which I desire! I love performance cars. I love the sound of a wicked V8. Its a pleasure to use my skills to show off cars lines and stance. Its personality, the soul the ignites when the engine is started. Man and machine exploring the unknown.
"Jack has an amazing ability to capture the emotion of the environment for the Camaro portfolio he shot. The pictures speak to you, and come to life with his masterful lighting, clarity and scene selection." - Al Oppenheiser
"Last summer I was able to hire Jack to do some pro shoots of my Camaro. I must say, I was amazed with his talent and compassion he puts into his work. I would highly recommend Jack if you're needing some professional photography work done." - Jeffery Walsh
"The pictures of our car turned out amazing and I could not be happier. The lighting and angles very simply perfect. Jack was very helpful and prompt with his replies even after the shoot. Will definitely be recommending him and consider future photoshoots!" - Vincent Corona
"Jack Roman Photography has been taking photos of my car and various customers cars for the last 8 years. His pictures are always outstanding and he has a keen eye on lighting which can make or break a picture. He always is prepared with the right equipment to make every photo shoot look outstanding regardless of the surroundings. From portrait, to night shots, to weddings and events if you want a class act photographer that knows his art look no more!" - Francisco- NewGen Customs Inc
"Jack is an ultra professional and just an overall great guy. There aren’t enough good things to say about him! I’d highly recommend him for any of your photography needs!" - Louie Filippides
"Extremely professional and detail oriented! We saw him at work at a car meet in North Carolina and everyone was pleased to have worked with him!" - Wildhammer Motorsports
"Very good work. Love the photos Jack did of my car. Highly recommend." - Rondal Yates
"Beautiful job on the pictures you take. We love what you have done for us. Looking forward to another session." - Diana O'Brien
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