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December 25, 2011
All Poetry

Burning Fires

The is a Fire Burning Deep inside.
Furnaces yet to be used.
Untapped Raw Primal Energy
The Dragon raises his head after Years of Slumber
Hungry for flesh
A race engine kept under a tarp in the back of the garage
Fired up and purring at 5,000 rpm
Taking flight this Angel as a Sword
Pressuring building as internal Volcanos are ready to erupt
Red Hot Lava explodes
Rivers of Burning Desire
A field of wells as far as the eye can see
Deep cool crisp water
Drinking from the still water of consciousness
Waves of Fire and Water
Color Clash and Dance
Hots, Colds, Oranges, Reds, Blues Purples
A tornado of spiraling colors
Flying about painting a picture of my life

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