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September 30, 2003
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Cuffing and chaining the beast

Leather straps

Arms, Legs, Wrists, Ankles, Chest, Throat, Head

Bound and gagged

As the power tries to unleash ITSELF

Walking along peacefully

Till my nose picks up the scent of a WOMEN

or seeing a pretty face or sexy figure

Then some chemical shift transpires

Like Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, or man to Werewolf

One sniff or one glimpse

and the eyes roll back in my head

Taking in a deep breath

and some ancient primal power is awakened


at restraints set in place keeping the beast at bay

Desire clashes against believes

Need clashes against will

Passion clashes against fear

Pushing and pulling

Chains taunt,

leather stretching

will and spirit snapping

Like a Vampire closing in on his prey

His senses feeling the excited heart rate

Driving him almost mad till he quenches his thirst

with her young sweet blood

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