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January 25, 2012
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Dance Floor

The rhythm slides its way in
The beat activates my blood like some radio active chemical
Increasing my heart rate
Some internal tidal wave spiraling down into the lower levels of my being
A stealthy thief unlocking gates to forgotten chambers
A million rebels being absorbed thru the music
Unbridled Energy builds from deep within
Rage, Passion, Love, Grief
Blowing apart system governors
An upraising begins
An internal rebellion
Armies are banded together on the dance floor
Bass notes send off Explosion after Explosion inside my heart
Body kicked into OverDrive
Primal Raw uncensored energy moving in tune to the beat
That Beat that is Driving me beyond my conscious mind
I dance for a moment in my freedom
I dance embracing my connection
As Hell is released in my body I reach for the Heavens

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