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February 2, 2014
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Deaths Questions

Every night Death comes to Haunt me
One day you will be mine he says
The uncertainty of what is next scares me
Am I doing all I can in the here and now
I am putting up a fight, but I don't know if it's enough
I race car pulling big blocks of cement
Probably Saturn trying to rein in and focus my Aries nature
I think Death is trying to be my friend
I wish I had answers
Feeling limited by my own nature or abilities
Perhaps some short circuit that the mechanics in my mind are unable to fix in my unconscious
Maybe that's why the Buddhists say we reincarnate
Personal progress is fucking slow
Which brings up the question, would goals mean the same with out the struggle or time/dedication to achieve them?
As an Aries I am used to fighting for what I want
Fighting not necessarily in conflict
More finding away against odds
These days I grow weary of the fight to be honest
No, I would never give up the Fire of my Aries way
(How very Arian of me)
Sometimes pausing and taking a breath is all the fight that is needed

(C) Jack Roman
All Content Copyright © 2021 Jack Roman Photography All Rights Reserved
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