Featured Wedding – Atlanta

Atlanta, GA

Jacquelyn & Santiago:

Jacquelyn & Santiago are a unique couple with an interesting sense of style. Jacquelyn was inspired by the the American psychological thriller series Hannibal and wanted to capture the essence of the show’s aesthetic in her wedding photos.

Wedding Testimonial

Words from the Bride & Groom:

“My beautiful wife and I got married early March, 2017 and we hired Jack Roman to capture everything– a task that he approached with unprecedented gusto, energy and professionalism. Having already seen his previous work, we knew that Jack had an amazing eye. We were astounded at the final product. Jack managed to turn an already magical day into a fantastical one, with his images lending an air of immediacy and classical beauty to the day’s ceremony and festivities. Anyone who wasn’t at the wedding said that they feel like they WERE there after seeing the photos (while at the same time wishing they had been). That in itself is the very core of Jack’s talents. He captures the beauty of love, family, friends and sheer joy. He manages to somehow elevate it into a timeless status that demands repeated viewings from acquaintances and strangers alike. In that way, it can be said that Jack Roman takes your life and turns it into art. We can’t wait to see his work with others in the future.”

The Engagement

The Wedding