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August 24, 2010
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I caught a glimpse of something beautiful
Something Amazing
Your gaze lured me in unexceptionally
Our essences communicated like Lighting & Thunder in the nights sky
Dynamic, Powerful and Mysteriously
Sweaty and hot, lungs rise and fall
Without thought our breathing syncs
Your attention reminds me I had been living in B&W for a while
I had forgotten of the brilliance of the universe around me
That moment had saddened me
Eating prison food I got by
I had eaten it for so long I forgot what a warm meal tasted like
After the storm settled we spoke quietly but the water
As the waves softy caressed the shore I began to see a glimpse
Like looking thru a high powered telescope to peek at the beauty of our galaxy
I saw passion in my life had only been dialed up to 30%
We spoke Honestly & Intimately
My interest rose, my passions Spiraled up a long lost pathway
Unlocking gates and cages around softer parts of my soul
The cage around my heart is lowered as it expands
A quiet storm building between us, more like a generating winding up then a disruptive force
Energy building and feeding my expanding heart
A Ghost is released
Not a evil, malicious ghost
Rather the keeper of the gates
The protector of that which is soft and vulnerable
I can sense his fear
Gazing down a long corridor
I see the potentional for the beauty and intimacy to expand higher
Surfing on some mystical wave of the wind like some regal hawk
The ghost whispers in my ear to look down
The fear and doubt very much present
Will the wind sustain me
Can I survive the fall
Could I learn to fly again

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