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March 14, 2002
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Heart Opening

A chance electronic meeting and the courage to explore the connection

A week of magic

Shared pleasures, open honest caring and caressing

Then distance

Weeks and months

The bugs and worms of insecurity eating away at me

Trying to ware me down

What the hell happened in that week?

How is it that after that magical week my life seemed lacking and empty

My apartment looked different

Shadows lengthen

Darkness encircles my body


Bare knuckled fists

Hitting and hitting

Beating the body

Violently changing my existence

Immobilized in a cocoon of pain and torment

Anguish and fear

Unaware of the rebuilding transpiring as I died every night

Screaming in agony as the heart is ripped and torn apart

Only to be opened up and expanded and filled with love and longing

Arising from the ashes a FLAMING PHOENIX

Being reborn with HEART MAGIC

Body, mind and spirit stronger from enduring

Seeing the power of love

I seek to spread it, pulling those close to me closer

Sharing and caring in ways never thought possible for me

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