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May 7, 2007
All Poetry


My heart aches

No one has hurt me

At least not in the immediate past

It’s the expansion

Looking down the well of my love and seeing no bottom is terrifying

Being not met for so long

Not being seen for so long

Being a part of unbalanced connections for so long

I got used to swimming in the shallows

I have yet to explore the depth of my Loving Energy

My Heart Cracks open a little more

The muscles tearing themselves making room for growth

I have explored my grief, my rage, my sorry, my frustration, my anger

I have cut the psychic cords to my parents

Learned all about the undertones of communication

I have traveled down into the Depths of the Deep Dark

Going so far down I almost lost myself

But I came back a MAN!

I have done all of this mostly alone

I say all this because

As I stand here gazing at you

There is SO MUCH MORE then meets the eye here

I am not here to fucking talk about the weather

I am here to see who can meet me!

Who can see me!

Who wants to be a part of what I have!

Who can hold space for me!

I know I have that much

Plus a whole lot more to offer in return

As I stretch and push and pull and struggle my way into embodying this demand

It scares the be-Jesus out of me

Years and Years of giving my time and attention to the wrong people

Was like being malnourished without food or water in the middle of the desert days away from civilization

Like a Lion just being released into the wild after years of being caged

Working towards embodying my ROAR


Like a newly Crowed King of my own Domain

I am uneasy with the position and power

Step by Step I make my way

It’s a process

I am mindful

I am watching

Who Will Meet ME?


This is the end of Part I

To be continued…….


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