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March 6, 2016
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I love photography

I love photography,

I love being creative and making things.
With photography I am able to be in my creative energy and my passion while being around others. Plus I enjoy the challenges of searching and creating or capturing a great shot.
With working on sculptures / art projects or building something with my hands I love the tranquilly it brings. A sense of well being and peace. Also at times a place to put troubling energy. Of course that depends certain projects I can't do if my frame of mind is not right. I have tried and failed often so I have learned to not push those.
It is my hope and desire to continue to grow as an artist and photographer connecting with those who enjoy and appreciate what I do.
It's a natural fusion that takes place between my spirit, who I am and my passion for the arts. At this point it's been going on for so long I could not separate one from the other. It's like trying to pull apart molecules and expect the same element.
It's such a part of who I am there is no "it" and me. It's just Me.
(C) Jack Roman
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