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November 28, 2013
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Inner Thirst

Circling around the fire
Attempting to welcome it in
The cold around me slowing my pace
Looking for wood to feed the fire
Looking for company to feed my soul
There are many ways to go hungry
I have a thirst
It's not like easily quenched
But when you taste it is like warm blanket on a cold day
Or your favorite dessert on your birthday
The excitement that comes the day before Christmas
Society tells us as we get older there is not Santa Clause
That Puff The Magic Dragon doesn't exist
To get on with our lives, perusing "worldly" things
A job, a career, a family
The pursuit should be in magic and fairies
The myths tell us how elusive these things are and I couldn't agree more
I find myself berating my own actions in attempts to better myself in the future
All the while my vision taking away from the forest
Failing to see the sprites inviting me to dance
The inner garden that was paved over
The professional athlete more concerned with ratings
Forgetting his love for the game
Tilling the soil of my mind to allow space for seeds to grow
Maybe create a forest of my own where fairies can play

(C) Jack Roman

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