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October 12, 2004
All Poetry


I had a great time dancing

But was it good enough

I connected with people on the dance floor

Spinning, twisting, laughing, dancing

Is it good enough?


I think about how I didn’t talk to one person

Who’s danced I loved

I had a great experience dancing sensually with a woman

Touching, sliding, caressing, engaging

Was that good enough?


I wanted more


I had a great time dancing, Loved it.

So HOT…. Sexy bodies in motion

Exploring the deeper parts of ourselves

I keep picturing having a fuck fest with this group

A sea of moving sweaty bodies

Touching, sucking & fucking

Exploring our god granted gifts


Its one of the few times I am granted solace from this poisoned mind

Moving my body on the dance floor

Spinning and jumping

Feeling my heart pound in my chest

Blood course thru my veins

Feeling the air fueling the fire

Watching the beast rip its way out of my chest

No longer giving a shit

It kicks the light side of my personality aside to the floor

Screaming silently while my moments get

More dramatic More energized more fierce

Muscles burn with desire

Fuck you!! I wont do what you tell me!


Sounds great, doesn’t it….

Was it good enough??


I still found fault in my actions

Should have, could have

Always striving for some kinda perfection

Tortured by a sick mind

No rest

Waiting to sigh and let go

Where is my place??

No one seems to fit me??

Seems like there is always a gapping hole someplace

Always looking for more

Always trying to make better



Something must be broke inside this head of mine

Maybe I should try the wire hanger lobotomy


Its actually feels great to have spit all the out




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