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December 29, 2013
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Little Hearts

I live in a field of little hearts
Most of which have little walls around them
Walls placed there for protection
Walls in most cases created from some wrong turn I made
Opening in the wrong direction
Not only guarding against hurt
But unfortunately keeping hearts from linking and connecting with each other
Channels connect as joy and pleasures are shared
Feeding off of each experience creating larger chambers
Greater flowing like highways being built
Patterns seem to emerge creating new dead ends where another road is stopped and another wall is built
An ocean filled with water balloons
All part of the same mass but separated
Movement but no flow
Walking thru the field it's hard to see the immensity of it
All I see is the last stop point and the latest wall
Longing to connect more experiences together
To allow for chapters to keep the main characters
Not turn into a book full of short stories

(C) Jack Roman

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