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Locals - Rockaway Beach Photoshoot

Adam Cardone Rockaway Beach Magician
What a fun photo shoot I had with local artist and magician Adam Cardone and his funky 6 person bicycle. We had a perfect night for a photo shoot! I brought out a bunch of my toys (lighting gear) to highlight Adam & his ride against the setting sun. Email me if you would like to book a unique photo shoot of you or your loved ones. You can often find Adam down at Whits End performing magic or coordinating talent acts.
FDNY stopped by to see who had a cooler ride. It was fun to chat with Maria and her partner for a while. I do love the vibe at the Rockaways. We have a pretty eclectic mixture of people here which I enjoy. Thank you to all those FDNY who serve and protect us each and everyday.
A couple of cute kids were curious as to what we were doing. I told them they could be a part of they wanted to. The following silliness is what transpired.
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