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Mitzvahs & Sweet 16

I specialize in dramatic portraits and an unusual style in capturing your special day. Personally, I love the uniqueness and diversity of all parties. My approach is to bring out the cool features of your Bat / Bar Mitzvah or Sweet 16 rather than insert some photographers generic formula. I am also always looking and searching for those special moments to creatively capture. I would love to hear from you and see how I might be able to help make your son or daughter's party memorable. I can tailor the photo shoot to suit their personality and style.
Its always a pleasure to be a part of someones special day and use my craft and creatively capture memories to be viewed for a lifetime. Dancing the dance between allowing moments to unfold and speaking up when the moment calls for it. Being present for all the event brings and being there ready to photograph it all. No matter if its a big lavish event or a fun backyard party, I will be there!
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