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February 9, 2010
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Moments Between Beats

I live for those moments between beats.
Chance meetings when guards are dropped.
My heart aches for more of these moments everyday.
Longing to hear the depth. Desiring to hear something real.
Yea I know we are all trying so hard to be spiritual and positive and all.
But shit still smells no matter what you do with it.
Sharing in what hurts, sharing in what doesn't feel right, sharing in the truth of the pain. Now that is beautiful. That is real. That is pure.
What are your desires? What are your fears? What are your dreams?
What are those things locked behind closed doors?
I must admit I used to share of myself more that way, and have not much over the last few years. I got tired of speaking and no one was listening. You heard my words but you were not listening. So I too am guilty of it. I would rather be silent then have someone pretend or just not be able to go there with me.
But those moments when there is no pretense, no walls, no sugar coating and you have just plain truth. Not some kinda spiritual truth, but your truth from your heart.
That is wonderful, that is uplifting, that is beauty.
I live for those moments in between the beats.

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