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April 3, 2015
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Moon & The Sun

The warmth and fire of the sun
The cool mysticism of the moon
They are of the same energy
Yet "Night" & "Day" apart
Complex roller coaster of galaxies riding along in my heart
Striving to better
Getting closer to perfection
While imagination questions the process
My favorite time of day is dusk
To my right to sky is exploding with reds and oranges hues
To my left quietly creeping in a blanket of mystery approaching
A ball of fire to my right
An ocean of darkness with a touch of royal to my left
Above my head countless shades live
Looking right to left
It's impressive to witness the sky's ability to hold space for it all
Imaginations fire driving to be set free
Busting thru the clouds
It's blazing fury determined to reach out
Licking the midnight blue
The cool depth of perfectionism squeezing the fire while the sky erupts with sun beams defined by the dark
Is it the madness of the darkness that makes us brilliant?
Dusk is my favorite time
Sometimes watching the smoothest transitions
Pondering the ease in which it blends it all
Sometimes witnessing violent explosions of contrast
I close my eyes
Feeling the Sun & Moon Dance in my Heart

(c) Jack Roman


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