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December 30, 2013
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Mysteries of the Inner Universe

In the grey mists of the universe
Lies death & birth
Mysterious of our souls
I forget to see the stars
I keep tripping on Alice's rabbit hole
Like Sinbad taking some deadly voyage
Getting turned to stone attempting to pick up the "wrong" treasure
Or worst getting lost for years in illusions of the mind
Space is vast beyond imagine
Pathways in our mind leading into universes
A hallway filled with doors as far as the eye can see
A strange key
Hundreds of locked doors
The pathway fades away as you walk along
Dark cosmos abyss
If fear moves us along the blackness gains ground
Like being followed by a black hole
Or maybe it's time approaching an end
Fox holes are dug to keep one safe from mortar shells
It is still a hole, and what is safe?
I want to shake hands with death
But I am weak, and can not
Regrets and time lost keep me fearful
I am miles away from my landing zone
Sometimes I wonder if I even landed on the right planet
So few speak my language
How sweet the sound when one does
A dessert worth sharing
A treat for the soul
A blanket for a weary traveler

(C) Jack Roman

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