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August 20, 2011
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Passion stolen

Passion stolen
innocent excitement crushed
patterns recycling over and over
like an axe on a pendulum that cuts the same wound time and time again
Standing up to be knocked down
Prizes shown to be snatch as the pendulum swings back
Repeating over and over
Feeling smaller & smaller
Withdrawing from the excitement to protect from the cut
What is a life with out excitement
What is existence with out hope
Curing up to protect from the beating
Questioning with no answers
Pleading with response
The tracks are laid
The pattern repeats
Looking for a way out I crack open the basement door as a last resort
A wave of heat pounces thru the opening
Red light dances on the walls hinting at the flames below
Stomach feels uneasy
Sensing the energies down below
I have no choice but to climb down into the belly of the beast
Or turn around and face the guillotine

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