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Celebrate Your Uniqueness with a creative dynamic portrait photo shoot. Let me know how I can help you stand out. Its a passion of mine to create images like these for my clients. Something that will help you stand out and be noticed. Bringing my vision and skills to get the most from all situations. Nothing I love more then using my photography skills to make stunning images. I love the gear I use and love applying it in ways to bring forth some awesome imagery.
I am always updating and changing the gear I use as I find better ways of doing things, or new gear that suits me and helps me to be my best at what I do. I have a deep passion for lighting gear, lighting is such a major part of my life and so very important in creating unique dynamic photographs. In the stories of the bible, its the first thing that God creates. I don't know, maybe its kinda important. Give me a call and lets talk about your needs and how I might best help you with some wicked imagery.

Dotti Beach Fashion Catalog Photo Shoot I did.

"Jack is a true professional and takes amazing pictures capturing all the moments. One of the best in the Industry." - Kevin Straker
"EXCELLENT! We use Jack for all of our events, and for special shoots. I love his vision for a great shot. Super professional, fast, and the quality of work is epic! I highly recommend anyone considering working with Jack to go now and book him. You will be glad you did, I guarantee it." UDAR Kickboxing
"I had a great experience with Roman. He was very professional. He had all the gear we needed to shoot these incredible photos. He's the best photographer i worked with to this date. In less than 24 hrs i had the photos sent to me. Thanks a lot Roman!" - isaac anglero
"Jack is a professional. I’ve worked him with him on a few projects. He has all the right equipment & creative direction. We had a great time at the shoot, the vibes were right. He’s an expert in lighting & knowing what camera to use. Always makes a up a powerful composition. The vision really started to unfold as his input as well yours sculpts itself out to get the most out of the shoot. That made it fun. Don’t hesitate..book this man !" - FaceMaskxx
"Jack was great! I got the pics I needed for my business and website and they came out better than I could have hoped for. He listened to what I wanted, provided some of his own ideas and thoughts, and made sure I was happy with the shots throughout the shoot. Jack is a master of lighting and capturing a particular mood in his images. I will definitely work with Jack again and highly recommend hiring him as your photographer." - Chris Fugelsang
"Jack is very professional and takes beautiful photos. I had a great time at my shoot and would definitely love to shoot with him again! Really nice guy as well. 10/10 would recommend!!" - Miranda H.
"Jack takes the best dynamite and wonderful photos. His lighting techniques and set up are beyond reproach. Not many photographers have a point of view that is distinctive and edgy to the point where I can actually recognize their style amongst an ocean of others. He’s not afraid to take risks to get the job done. Amazing!" - Lovely JoJo
"Jack is not only an extraordinary photographer, but a beautiful person and a pleasure to work with. I was a little nervous going in and he made me feel totally at ease and allowed me the space to relax and get into my groove. It was an amazing experience and he shot some incredible photos! 😊 😊😊" - rocketgirl Rocketgirl
"Jack is not just a great photographer, he is a great artist which is an absolute must when hiring a photographer. Sometimes being in front of a camera can be awkward. Jack has a way about him that makes you feel so comfortable and it comes through in the final results. He truly is a gifted photographer. Highly recommend him." - rasheeda azar
"Had a photoshoot with Jack and it was such a fun experience. He's savvy in his profession and has an eye to create beautiful memorable photos! I highly recommend him for any type of photography needs!" - Melinda Rivera
"This guy is the real deal ! Super professional, high quality in the art department, and really easy to work with! The other thing is his speed and accuracy. I was amazed at how fast he was with each shot set up and execution. He is also an expert in old school techniques and not computer editing to capture the moment. Highly recommended." - Cardone Entertainment
"GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER AND ARTIST! I worked with him as a model and his pics are absolutely stunning. Very distinctive style. I love it!" - Sandra Gilissen
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