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February 25, 2015
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That feeling of being known
Not just a couple general characteristics
But some of the nuances as well
I am simple and yet in many ways not
It takes time to learn each of our pathways and crevices
Some tunnels run deep
A complex network
We can not begin to understand or remember 1/2 those routes with a simple hello
That shit takes time
Moments walking along together
We begin to understand some of each other's maps
Not 2 dimensional
A living breathing evolving 3D chart
Not all walks take us down into the caverns
Simple walks down trails filled with green grass and beautiful flowers
We are complex ever growing and changing beings
So time spent walking together smelling flowers
Simultaneously hatchets cut crude courses in the jungle as we find and explore new inner sections of our beings
Some among us never pick up a shovel or hatchet to dig deeper and explore the mines below
Simple mother fuckers
Just always walking along smelling flowers and at worst maybe enduring an occasional thunderstorm
Now my judgements aside
At times there is a beauty to such simplicity
However the limitations of conversation and being witnessed are huge
You can not talk about rubys or diamonds
Those only exist deeper underground
You could not share the loss of breath over tunnels collapsing
It would be like if my being was a single galaxy and I tried to have a conversation with a piece of paper
Maybe it's a pretty unique hand made parchment and there can be an a brief moment of acknowledgment
Although the drawback being, the Galaxy also wants to share and been seen
Shooting comets
Conflicts of solar systems colliding
There in lays a huge offset
However once a certain level of awarness is reached understanding happens even if exact circumstances differ
If your system had dual Suns and the gravity stretching, dynamicly pulling ur tides and emotions in different directions
With my system not having dual Suns
Yet I understand the effects of gravity on my tides in my systems
So empathy is present
Comparing my consciousness to a galaxy in no way makes me supreme
There are more systems out there in unique combinations I have yet to even think of
But the understanding is there
However I do struggle
Quantum mechanics for example
Those little fuckers behave unlike all the others
Still not 100% embodying my own influence over them
So in any event
I contuine to explore and develop my own personal map
While seeking fellow Intergalactic Soul Pirate Explorers
Something like Indiana Jones meets Journey to the Center of the Earth meets Deep Space 9
To participate and discuss our journeys
To share our treasures
While helping each of us to better understand our individual pitfalls

(C) Jack Roman
All Content Copyright © 2021 Jack Roman Photography All Rights Reserved
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