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December 12, 2003
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A long drive to meet someone Dear

Sarcasm and laughter

Hugs & Kisses

Energies connect

Reacquainting each other


Exploring the strangeness of the basement

Glaring eyes and unhappy faces

Yet its ok cuz our connection to each other is present

Music picks up the pace

Bodies move and loosen up the spirits

Connected yet apart


Back upstairs, the mood is lighter

People are laughing and mingling

Butter Nipples enhance an already cheerful mood

The dance begins

Spirits intertwine while the bodies move


Then slowly coming together


Like 2 snakes woven in a dance

Hair is mangled like 2 lions after a hunt


More good hearted laughter

Music begins its feverish tempo

Grabbing, dipping, spinning, pushing, pulling

The stalking commences

Meeting like to hunters

Growling as they enter inside each other spaces

All the while grinning at the shear pleasure of it all

Challenges get voiced

Yelling and boosting begin

Chaos erupts into laughter

Salty sweat flies

As the pace yet quickens again

To climax in a sweaty ball of entangled energy

The night winds down and bodies cool off

There is a brief moment of unguarded openness

A gentle sweetness

And a most endearing hug

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