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March 29, 2015
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River Runs Thru

My mind is full of streams of consciousness
Rivers and streams
Sometimes vast oceans
Sometimes stagnant ponds
Under the surface I find the most interesting ones
Water rich in minerals and nutrients
River beds untouched
Flowing yet surface unbroken
Mirror like glass
Yearning for touch
A finger slowly pushes in
Moving past the surface tension
As the hand sinks further in
The water rejoices and dances around 5 fingers
10 gateways and a multitude of swirling dancing energy
That's just 1 hand
What about 2
What about a whole body
What about a city
Our consciousness
A complex urban jungle of thoughts feelings and desires
How would it feel to submerge it
Allowing the water to caress in combinations never thought of
There are streams of consciousness with surfaces never breached
Some as small as a capillary
Some as large as a light trail of a nearby galaxy as it spirals into a black hole
Some Itches have never been scratched
Rooms inside my mind unvisited
Some rich like the Taj Mahal
Others abandon ghettos
Each one containing their own unique beauty
Each one harboring untold secrets
Treasures are boundless
Just not in plain sight
Seeking sweetness on your lips
Turning the crank
Lowering the bucket deep into my well
Take a sip of my essence

(C) Jack Roman
All Content Copyright © 2021 Jack Roman Photography All Rights Reserved
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