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Rockaway Beach Skater Kid

Rockaway Locals Skater Kid
I loved capturing these images for fellow Rockaway Resident Charles Lee of his little skater son. Locals Only has great skater and surf camps for kids and adults which ended up being the perfect setting for part of his images. Check them out online to see all the cool things they offer. It was a super hot summer day the day of our photo shoot but they kids were out there skating away. I worked with him to show him how he could do the things he loved and be in great position for the camera. It was a lot of fun and the images came out great. If you want some stylish images of your child don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to help.
I might have encouraged him to show me his Kung Fu moves. Little sister loved it and wanted to join in.
Some family time in Rockaway Beach.
Locals Only surf and skate camp. Doesn't that look like a lot of fun.
Sister needed a turn. She will be up next for an extravagant photo shoot in the near future.
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