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Rollerblade Twister

Rollerblade Twister Boot Atom Skates
Rollerblades new design of their Twister Edge boots Rocks! Creating a perfect blend of form and function. Nice updated latches and stylish boots will hold you in place for hours of enjoyable blading. Contact Will over at Rollerblade if you have any questions or need help finding a pair perfect for you. [email protected]
This great pairing of Rollerblade Twister boots and Atomskates frames with some Hydrogen wheels. Transform these skates into a work of art. www.inlinewarehouse.com offers a great selection of Rollerblades and accessories. Find your perfect match up! Happy Blading!
Behind the scenes of the photoshoot
More behind the scenes of Rollerblade shoot also showcasing my obsession and love for my lighting gear. Each light was named after a God or Goddess of Light/Fire etc.
Behind The Scenes
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