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April 23, 2014
All Poetry

Space between Hello & I am Fine

There is a space between Hello and I am fine large enough for a ship
A cargo ship of unspoken-ness
Too often there are too many small ports
A whale seeking deeper water to swim freely
Communication when not met with awareness is like playing tennis with one of those ball shooters
You can hit the ball a 1,000 times but that machine can never respond
Only spit another few 100 balls
Life is boring with out dynamic range
Great conversation is like watching champion ping pong players return each other's volly
Or the symphony that can be created from a call and response
Big pipe organs dancing together
The styles might be different
But the range is similar
Often we play different sports
Self awareness gives us the ability to return the serve
To engage in a full body conversation
Not just touching finger tips
But brushing your whole body against another
I hear you
I understand
I can relate
Your not alone

(C) Jack Roman
All Content Copyright © 2021 Jack Roman Photography All Rights Reserved
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