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Surprise Engagement Long Beach

Surprise engagement shoot Long Beach flowers

The Planning is Finished, The Stage is Set!

Zack did a beautiful job setting up for his surprise engagement moment. Victoria's reactions were great, it was lovely to witness.

The Proposal!


Let the Party Begin.
It was such an awesome experience to be part of this engagement. I was crouching in the corner waiting for our guests of honor to appear. Victoria was so surprised and moved by it all as you can see from the images. It was a honor to be there to help capture the surprise and moments after. Family and friends gather to celebrate with Zack & Victoria as they start their new journey together. If you're planing a surprise engagement or have a wedding you're planning, give me a call I would love to talk with you about it. Allow me to use my talents and photograph your special moments. If you have any questions feel free to call. Enjoy your journey.

Happy Couple Celebrates.

A Job Well Done!

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