AMAZING- he certainly got my attention with these shots. And you know better than most that I have viewed over 100,000 images, edited all photos in the 180 books that we have published and have worked with dozens of photographers. When I am impressed, I shout it right out, and I am IMPRESSED.

Please convey to Jack my enthusiastic admiration for his work. His lighting talents alone can never allow anyone to label him as a conventional master of his art.


– Lee Sheridan – Full Throttle Magazine NY/NE

Jack Roman has been our “go to” photographer for many years. Capturing our musicians and musical talent in action takes special skills. Jack never disappoints. We have hired him to come down to live events to get just the right shot to show the energy and emotion of our talent in action in a still image photograph. We have also relied on Jack to take stills at our video shoots to use for promotional purposes and most recently to shoot portraits of our bandleaders for our website. If you are looking for a high quality photographer, who understands the value of lighting and is great to work with, never hesitate to hire Jack Roman.

– Harlan Ellis

Senior Event Producer
Director of Marketing
Hank Lane Music, New York, NY

Jack has been one of my most favorite, talented and mindblowing photographers to work with on behalf of Dance of Liberation film, workshops, magazine articles and events. His impeccable vision captures the essence, magic and Spirit of the dance floor, documenting participants intimate and soulful experiences. I am forever grateful for having the gift of working with Jack.

– Parashakti

Founder of Dance of Liberation

Jack is the photographer we hope to have at all of our professional and personal events because we are confident he will capture all of the important and intimate moments and turn them into the most beautiful photographs.

Jack has worked with us at our most special occasions. His work has far exceeded our expectations. He is a gentleman, professional, always kind and curtious. He is creative and he cares. He goes above and beyond before, during and after every event to be sure that we share a vision, get everything we want and need and get the photographs quickly. His photographs are beautiful art.

On your wedding day, your photographer is one of the most important parts… because you spend so much time together! Jack Roman is a caring professional and so very talented. He is laid back and will keep you calm- yet gets the job done! He is reliable, giving, artistic and creative. Jack has become a trusted friend that we are happy to recommend.

– Elisa DiStefano

Channel 12 News

As a bride, one of the most important things is having someone to capture your day perfectly. Of course, everyone is on a budget and the photographer is the one thing I said I wouldn’t really put a price on because photos are memories you can save forever. Luckily, with JackRoman.. he was not only THE best, most experienced, talented, artistic, funny, cool, full of personality, skillful photographer.. but was affordable and made every penny worth it!!! I knew right away when I met him via email (through a friend of a friend) I could tell he was very personable and had a real passion for his work. It’s not easy to find someone who is so great at what they do just as much as they love to do it. He always responded to me in a timely manner, which was really important, given his busy schedule. I felt like he was just as excited for my big day as I was!!! Then on the wedding day, we met for the first time, but I felt like I had known him forever! He immediately brightened up the room and kept the energy and flow of the day so perfect and right on schedule! He also had an assistant with him (her name was Jo) and she was extremely helpful and awesome! Always fixing my dress and hair for the photos, helping my family put the bouquets together, and even repaired part of my dress that broke! It was a miracle! She was truly my life-savior that day, and I will never forget her or my amazing photographer Jack that played such an important role in this special day! I just posted all my photos from the wedding (you can find on my facebook Adriana Celeste Watson) and I have received countless compliments about my photographer. He really captured the day so perfectly and what I loved most about him was his artistic skill, which really brought out the most unique photographs, something that differs him from the rest! I am a huge fan of his work and absolutely recommend him to anyone out there, for any type of event! Lastly, the owner of “Be Inspried Media” reached out to me about submitting my wedding photos to be published in Bride Magazines, Martha Stewart Weddings and Grace Ormond. I will hopefully soon be published. This was such a compliment… and I thank Jack Roman… for his talent and skill. He is truly a gift.

– Adriana Cosner
Tao Group

Jack Roman is a skilled photographer & eager creator. His wit, professionalism & charm has truly made him remarkable to work with. When walking on set with Jack, you know you’re spending your time right. His commitment to his craft resonates in the amount of equipment & lighting he has set & ready to go. Personally speaking, Jacks signature touch is the lighting. The photoshoot with Jacks DARKSUN Camaro was definitely challenging. Try beating Mother Nature & casual onlookers. But Jack defied those odds. He was nothing but positive, appreciative & supportive. That is more than I could ask for working with a photographer. Consider Jack for your future endeavors. It’s worth it.

— Adriana Amaya – Miss Full Throttle 2017

My beautiful wife and I got married early March, 2017 and we hired Jack Roman to capture everything– a task that he approached with unprecedented gusto, energy and professionalism. Having already seen his previous work, we knew that Jack had an amazing eye. We were astounded at the final product. Jack managed to turn an already magical day into a fantastical one, with his images lending an air of immediacy and classical beauty to the day’s ceremony and festivities. Anyone who wasn’t at the wedding said that they feel like they WERE there after seeing the photos (while at the same time wishing they had been). That in itself is the very core of Jack’s talents. He captures the beauty of love, family, friends and sheer joy. He manages to somehow elevate it into a timeless status that demands repeated viewings from acquaintances and strangers alike. In that way, it can be said that Jack Roman takes your life and turns it into art. We can’t wait to see his work with others in the future.

– Jacquelyn & Santiago

As a little girl I always dream about having a really cool car one day . Well after winning 2nd place on Big Brother one of my dreams came true . With my winning I was able to buy one of the car of my dreams . I seen some of Jack Roman’s work . And I knew he was the one I wanted to use to do a photo shoot with my Mustang . His lighting is outstanding!!! I loved the pic so much . I had a huge poster made for my house

– Ginamarie Ann Zimmerman

Hi!! those photos are amazing! so unique. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled darryl & I were to have you as our photographer – we were so clueless and overwhelmed by this whole process but you really jived so well with us

I felt like every moment that I would have possibly wanted a pic, you were there snapping away. It was such a relief to have a down to earth, yet creative & fun person to work with on such a hectic day!! thanks a million & we’ll be in touch

— Jillian

At first meeting, Jack Roman is very professional, calm and friendly. He was very accommodating to our schedule and listened to exactly what we wanted to accomplish from our photos. My husband, a professional photographer as well, hand picked Jack out of many as he is a highly skilled, gracious and easy going soul. More importantly, he was able to make the experience natural, flattering and FUN ! Never did we feel put on the spot, staged or awkward, just the opposite, he was quiet and discreet. For myself and my husband, it was very important that he catch the most natural moments, gestures and encounters. Jack was able to capture the spirit and beauty from start to finish of our joyous event. There were serious, funny, teary, silly, eating and dancing photos! Every photo was stunning and magical and his artistic eye is unparalleled! It was all genuine. To this day, i get choked up looking at the photos. All tears of happiness. Jack Roman, you are a ninja like creature that takes the most amazing candid shots! You have now become part of our fairytale story. Thank you for being a talented genius, for making our day full of smiles, tears and laughter!

— Edye

Thank you very much for the amazing photoshoot today!! Not only were you extremely professional and pleasant to work with, but the shots came out amazing!!!! I know this because you already posted some of the shots already! Talk about efficient!! Thank you again- can’t wait for the next one!

— Valerie Levine

The pictures you took of Kyle’s bar mitzvah are fantastic. You can feel all the love and fun in the room that night . Every action shot is great. Can’t thank you enough for capturing every moment of an amazing night and working with you was the easiest and friendly business relationship
Also – each and every year you take your own personal time and sweat ( because it’s always so hot) to come down to ECC for the holes for hope charity golf outing to raise money for Autism – you are truly a “mensch” – donating your time and expertise is amazing and we are so thankful that you are there

— Steven Flick

“Jack Roman has been my go to choice for all of my commercial photography projects. While his website clearly illustrates his creative prowess and brilliance in the areas of wedding and model photography, he has also demonstrated artistic flair with just enough restraint to properly photograph still life while keeping the image interesting and vibrant. In my opinion, Jack Roman is one of the truly gifted artists who is still original in a world of copy cats.”

— Scott Gramlich. Owner, SG Custom Sound

I had the pleasure of working with Jack Roman a few times. Each and every time he reminds me of what a true photographer is and how he incorporates artistry into his work. Jack captures each and every one of his shots with extreme thought and emphasis on what is appealing to the eye. He knows exactly what angles to catch movements in and what poses look appealing to showcase the ultimate best shots.

Jack is critical and honest while shooting together to ensure every single shot is a keeper. Along with this, he is very thorough on the environment he chooses to shoot in along with the specific lighting he uses in order to ensure that your photos look the absolute best they can, incorporating each and every factor and detail that would make a difference into his shoots.

It was so nice to work with a photographer who knew how to capture portraits so incredibly well and who has so much experience in the photography field. He was professional and a lot of fun to work with and his expertise showed in the end result photos that were sent to me. The shots were INCREDIBLE and I give Jack 10+ stars if I could. Thank You for everything.

— Brianna E.

Jack Roman sets the bar…..then comes crashing through it, every single time. Top quality photographer!! I have used Jack Roman for numerous momentous occasions, and we have always been ecstatic with the results. I would hire Jack Roman any day of the week…..and twice on Sundays.

— Bob Blickwede

It was such a great experience working with you Jack Roman.
I believe a soundsystem makes the vibe of the shoot. Your speakers are out of this world and the energy was high, up beat and pleasant to be around.
I appreciate that we got to work together and hope that we get to collaborate again soon.
Thank you for capturing beautiful images and fully confident in your craft.
With love and light,

— Elana

After a reference from a friend whose wedding pictures were the most amazing I’d ever seen, I hired Jack Roman for my wedding photography. Jack is a true artist, and captures your wedding’s best moments, in a stunning visual style. If you are looking for someone to organize your family in a line, or set you up in typical cheesy poses, he is NOT your guy. Be yourself, have the time of your life, and Jack will capture it all. Ten years later, I am still in love with my wedding photos. I have yet to see wedding photography of a better quality than his!

— Jackie B

Jack! Just saw the rest of my pics! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmazing! Thanks so much again! You are so talented!

— Ana-Mari Leoce

I had the pleasure of working with Jack for my wedding and engagement shoot. He was great and easy to work with. He has a creative mind and was always thinking outside the box to capture those special moments in a unique way. I loved that my photos did not only consist of the typical traditional photos that you see everyday.

I had a few shots in mind that I wanted and sent to jack prior to my wedding day. Come that day, I was so overwhelmed, but he remembered to take every shot that I sent him. We continue to use jack
For other life events that we want to remember forever 🙂.

Meagan Scalco

What a great experiencing shooting with Jack. I had a general idea of what I wanted. He took it into consideration and thanks to his artistic perspective created wonderful and unexpected results. Love the photos.

— Laura Babb

Jack…just got the pics …..AMAZING….u might have taken better pics than my photographer….Thank you again SOOOO MUCH!

— Pierra Caiozzo

The pictures look great Jack! Your amazing at what you do and everyone is giving us great feedback. You rock!

— Melissa McGee

I don’t remember looking as good as my pictures show, but Jacks photography skills definitely pulls out the best in you. Jack Roman is quick to the shot and knows all the ins and outs. He not only took amazing photos of me and my wife but also made every shot a comfortable and fun experience. He’s a good guy with a good eye and I would recommend him for any event where you’d need the best.

— Greg Mercado

Jack is more than a photographer, he is a true artist. I had the pleasure of working with him on a shoot for my dance and yoga portfolio. He works with an artists eye and manages to capture the pure essence and mood of the moment with each click. I have used the photos for business cards, website and promotional use. I am constantly wowed by them and people who see his work are amazed. I look forward to booking another shoot with Jack very soon!

— Erica Joan

Professional, patient & searches for the perfect SHOT !
My pics speak for themselves.
Thank you, Jack

— Haya Shabtai

Having Jack Roman as your photographer is like having DaVinci as your painter. You can’t get any better. Jack has a laid back personality with the professionalism and creativeness that makes him an excellent photographer. He’s friendly and approachable, smart and conscientious, and has a eye for what works. His equipment is top notch, and his photographs match. I am not a model by any means, but Jack knows how to make me look like one. Excellent work Jack. Thanks!

— Lorenzo

Jack Roman is a true artist…he has the uncanny ability to capture a moment through the lens and turn it into a masterpiece. I had so many complements on his photos of me….great work.

— Ken Swartz

Shooting with Jack was a great experience. He works great with your ideas and adds his own little touch to each shot. I’d definately work with him again.

— Daniel Adam Fakih

Review that was posted on The Knot.com

Jack was such a pleasure to work with. When we met before our wedding, Jack was open to all of our suggestions and wishes. We wanted a photographer who appreciated a candid approach with minimal “posing” for the camera. Of course we took all of the family and bridal party shots that you would want for your wedding, but Jack had more in store when he creatively provided ways to incorporate my husbands love of volleyball and my love of the beach. During our reception, you wouldn’t even know Jack was there as he perused the room gathering so many special moments that I missed in the hustle and bustle of hello’s and thank you’s that go along with your wedding day. When I look back at the pictures I’m so thankful for his dedication in gathering these thoughtful, meaningful images. Especially since some of those very important people in our lives are no longer with us. Thank you so much Jack for everything! We LOVE our photos and all the dedication you have for your art and craft!

Dear, Jack
We wanted to thank you for the beautiful and artistic photos you took at our wedding. We are so happy with how the proofs came out and you are largely to thank. You were great to work with and we were thrilled you were part of our wedding day.

— Mina & Walton