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October 27, 2011
All Poetry

The blood in my heart

The blood in my heart yearns for touch
I dance just for the chance of sharing a moment
To remember for 5mins my potential
To whip away the monster in the mirror
Like a fish out of water a lay on the floor gasping for air
Holding my chest
The wound from some mystical punch that landed years ago
Tears run down my cheek as I look around only to see me
I do my best to honor myself
To hold space for the tenderness that lays beneath the surface
The grief is magnified as I am the only to witness my process
I have peered so long into a dirty mirror I have forgotten of the castles below the waters edge
Aloneness shortened my vision
Like Dracula alone in his castle
Years pass and all that is left are dust and ruble
Will you take my hand
Will you swim below the surface with me
Will you help me not fade into nothingness
Will you dare to venture into my Lair
Can you help save this Prince of Darkness?


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