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December 10, 2013
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The Road to Hope & Healing

Traveling down the road of hope and healing
Licking wounds
Life seems to stab you in our weak spots
The same spot we've been stabbed 100 times before
It's hard to concentrate
The chest naturally recoils
I want so badly to focus on the knife in my heart
And the anger at those that put it there, knowingly or not
Allow the anger to flow
Do not hold on
I too often want to hold on to the drowning man
Like a Hawk falling from the sky
If I can lift my head and raise my eyes to glance around
There are those who could lend aid
Like a film maker shooting live broadcast movie
Do we cut to the scene where doctors are removing the knife
One continue down a dark ally where foes desire to place more blades into sensitive places
We are the film makers
Not easy to write the script on the fly with wounds currently open and people inflicting them standing in front of you
Growling at them
Allow the anger to move thru and not stop and hold
Seek out the road of hope and healing
The White Wizard might be farther down the road then the Demon with the Chains
But Who's arms would you prefer to run to?
Tuning in to the brief moments of hope
Turning away from a long history of pain
Scene A) shot and wounded on a cliff
Scene B) in a green field being healed
Your friends are the healers
Meditation is the healer
Dance is the healer
Whatever in your life reminds you of who you are
Those that can see your pain and hold space for you to travel thru the tunnel
Those are the doctors I want
Those are the people I want to dance with

(C) Jack Roman
All Content Copyright © 2021 Jack Roman Photography All Rights Reserved
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