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November 16, 2013
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The Sweetest Treasure

Questing for a treasure that can not be held.
Sweeter then any dessert
This nectar can feed my soul
Days, weeks, months, years
A madman I have become
Unsure where this journey is taking me
Crystal clear desire
The boat travels murky waters
What little progress is slowed by the ghosts in the water or universal currents unseen
I can see the riches in my minds eye
I can tastes it's beauty as I lick it off your flesh
Passion rising has my teeth at your neck
Sinking deeper and deeper as you fill my desire
There is no map to locate this buried treasure
You can not buy this diamond no matter how big the purse
The precious gems I seek
Is your Love
Your affection
Your attention
The riches that come from shared intimacy
Like a highway of gold coins being exchanged as communication leads to deeper understanding
Deeper love
A pirate on a quest with no map
Committing my life and my crew
To seek out a treasure I once dreamed of
On an island long forgotten
Opening up my chest to purge all that would tie my boat down
Crying to lighten my load
Setting sails to connect to your heart

(C) Jack Roman
All Content Copyright © 2021 Jack Roman Photography All Rights Reserved
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