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January 10, 2010
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The wind howls in the stillness of the cold, dark, night.
Its screaming quietly.
Ghosts of the past speaking on the trails of the wind.
Haunting with thoughts of things that could have been.
Reminding us of old sorrows and old ways of being.
Reminiscing of things long gone while Cold Death flows around us.
Is it that Death is trying to teach us in some way.
Or just have his fun with the bitter sweet of longing.
My heart goes out to those who once had and have no more.
I hear your cries and feel your pain as the wind tells me your stories.
My doors are open.
There is a Temple here for you to shed your tears.
A loving embrace with out judgment so you my release your anguish.
Tell your tale to the wind so others may know the depth of your soul.

With sorrow,love and depth


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