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December 22, 2011
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To be touched so deeply
So profoundly
To be seen & witnessed
To be caressed & given affection
It was like giving a man dying go thirst a class of water
Your open willingness fed my soul
Your reaching out meant more then I can describe
My patterns or fear have me looking back at the dessert from which I came
A desolate isolated land with no nourishment for a Creative, Dynamic, Deep Firery Soul
It's like giving a Man a taste of freedom and putting him back in a cage
If you only knew the cage the pain would not be as great
Still the pain in my heart and ache in my chest dance in my tears
It feels as if someone place a single candle in the middle of a massive hall
There is so much around me but I was unable to explore due to the darkness
How many times can you thank someone for a glass of water
Most would never think twice about it
Unless you were dying of thirst
To that Man it means the world
Like a caveman being given the gift of fire for the first time
I awe and wonder while I notice my fear of my harsh pattern
Having my gift stolen or taken away
Unable to move as you hear the chains coming down the hallway
I tasted you and I want more
I felt you, not with my hands or body
I cherish what you gave me
I light my own candle in the dark and pray that I will be joined by others

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