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To my Uncle who played an important roll in my development into a professional photographer. I used to drive to his house in NJ a few times a year and spend the weekend in his darkroom printing images. My Aunt Marie would make me sandwiches and feed me while I would literally spend all day and night in the darkroom. Then at the end of the night I would show my Uncle the images I printed and we would talk about them all. We spoke a lot about composition & subject matter. He would offer his opinion and suggestions on things I could try and was always very encouraging. I miss him and wish he could see the work I am producing today.
To my Abuela who helped me afford to build a darkroom of my own in the basement. Driving back and forth to NJ a couple of times a year at that point wasn't enough. Abuela was very generous with her money with my sister and me. Although she could be a tough cookie too. Even with those rough edges she did a lot for me as a kid and helping me buy a darkroom of my own was priceless gift in helping me continue to learn on my own. She lived to 99 and was a Feisty Son Of A Gun till the day she passed. RIP Abuela, Thank you so much.
To my Parents for all their help and support over the years.
Thank You
A special thanks to Allen Batt (BattMan) & Robert Milazzo. I met Allan at the printing press my dad worked at. I told him I loved photography and was eager to learn. I started assisting him for free to try and gain experience. Allen was very generous with his time and it was fun helping out on the weekends. He even gave me a couple of small jobs to do for him. That little bit was all that was needed to get the gears turning more in my mind. I found Robert Milazzo thru an Art Book, back in the day photographers would pay big bucks to get their work in these books in hopes that Art Directors and Editors would hire them. He also gave me a chance to assist even though I didn't know a lot. Robert's studio was a faster pace of things, at the time he photographed mostly TV Soap Stars. While I was still learning, I would often get sent out of studio to pick up supplies, while another more experienced assistant helped in the studio. I wanted to be in the studio so much I started rollerblading to pick up supplies and props etc. It was a great work out and I could often beat the taxis. The picture on the left really happened. I can't thank these guys enough. Sure I busted my ass and did my best to be a good assistant. Allan photographs food these days for his cookbooks. You can see some of his beautiful photography in his books at ineedthisbook.com.
One of the most important journeys we can take in life is the journey within. That seems especially important for Artists or at least for Me it is. The process of change is not easy, ask anyone who works out. Taking steps to walk down deeper into oneself is a work out for the Soul. I think it's a hugely rewarding and necessary part of life. Below is a list of amazing facilitators who have aided in my Journey To The Center Of Self. :-p 
Vijay Director
John Lee 
Diane Divone
I can't thank them enough. They helped shine a light so I can find my way back again while teaching about the importance of clear communication. It is a never ending process, but it's worth the trip.  
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