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November 21, 2003
All Poetry

Beyond Control

Haunted by the hollowness of being lonely

Driven Mad by a world with no Sense

A world where Priests Rape

Preaches sell God like used car sales people

Yet I have heard “MESSAGES” delivered by a drunk

Been Taught Honor and Wisdom from a liar and thief

Consumed by Desires and Fear

Spinning out of control

As the car hits 150mph

With bends and turns unattainable at such a speed

A meteor accelerating through space

Entering an asteroid belt

It’s Size and Mass substantial enough to survive

But not without heavy losses

As it bounces and ricochets off asteroids

Spinning out of control

It’s original course permanently altered

Stone against stone


Changing rotation

Changing direction

Pieces are blasted away from impact

I have no God

Other then Life and Art

No prayer other then CREATION and LIVING

In times of trouble and darkness

I turn to art and creation for my salvation

With each line that is written

With each piece of wood cut away

Each photograph taken

Prayers of desperation

Tears of mourning

Screams of AGONY

For a poor lost soul

Asking for Forgiveness

Pleading for Attention

Begging for Connection

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