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June 23, 2017
All Poetry

Change is in the Air

Things they are a changing
Energy is shifting
Dropping people and situations like bags of sand
Almost on an unconscious level
It's like my spirit can no longer tolerate such things as lies and mistreatment
It's moving so fast people and situations fall like rain from the sky
Fear & Concern collide
A deeper sense tells me all is as it should be
Yet still the ever present witness watches
Always asking questions
Weighing behaviors
Making sure I set out on a proper path and not letting regressed emotions or my desire for revenge lead me astray
Sometimes it is difficult to discern
Webs are often layered
While anger reveals its motivating power
Too much anger burns the forest
Not enough and the forest is over run with weeds
Still I plead
Knowledge, wisdom and the ability to jump

(C) Jack Roman

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