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Dotti Beach Fashion Catalog Shoot

dotti fashion shoot

Dotti Collection - Beach Fashion Photo Shoot

It was awesome working with The Keshri Group and photograph this cool collection of beach wear on the north shore of Long Island. It was a great shoot and the talented models were amazing. You can see more of Dotti's stylish beach cover ups and more on their Instagram page Dotti Collection. It was such a pleasure working with  The Keshri Group and the Dotti team to make this day run smoothly. It was blazing hot that day and you could still smell burnt wood in the air from the forest fires in Canada. However the show must go on and we had a great shoot. If you are a fashion designer and/or have a product that you want some wicked images of. I know it's a lot of work to put into creating something you love. I would love to help bring your item/product to life.

The beautiful finished catalog that The Keshri Group put together.

Some of my favorite shots from this Photo Shoot

Behind the scenes of the day of the shoot. It was a hot day, but such a great shoot. 

The Crew that made it possible.

Packing up for the shoot

Behind the scenes of a studio shoot we did another day

A review as seen on my Google Business page that The Keshri Group left me.

"Extremely professional, creative, and sticks to timelines. He planned, executed, and edited a full corporate fashion shoot within 7 days. Incredible. Will definitely be working with him again." - Shri

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