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May 20, 2017
All Poetry

Freedom in Aloneness

When you come to realize your the best person to have your own back
There is a huge freedom that pours in with that awareness
Although that takes some time to set in
Right behind that sense of "I got this" is a bucket full of loneliness
There was once a thought of togetherness which turned to poison on the lips of maybe someday
So what do you grab for?
The glass of freedom with an after taste of loneliness?
Reach for a kiss to lift yourself up for a few brief moments before the poison kicks in
Lye in remorse and non action refusing to allow yourself to be infected again
I have tried all roads hundreds of times
Desiring a different outcome
Taking different side streets only to return to the same destination
I have laid motionless at the bottom of the ocean
Not wanting to walk the paths I have seen before
Age as me wondering that perhaps art is the best I have to offer
Some how the missing fields of connection continue to fuel a creative engine
In my sorrow I type these words
In hopes of at the very least touching your spirit
Maybe my magic is in a realm I cannot touch
Maybe in my unrest I can inspire others for a brief moment as I have been with those before me

(C) Jack Roman

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