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October 7, 2006
All Poetry


I awake and see my true essence

My hearts desire

I awake right before I fall asleep for the night

only to rise in the morning, forgotten was that moment


Pushed away by the DAYS harried state

Lost to life’s living tasks

Survival deeds and daydreamed thoughts of pleasure


Forgotten is the GREATNESS TO BE

Sold to another day of JUST GETTING BY


Passing time to remember

Holding on another day

Another day of mediocrity


Waiting for that moment


To catch a glimpse again of my greatness

To remember the richness

The beauty of unbound imagination!

The adventure & soul of the human spirit

To be inspired and awaked by Art


I wait for that moment

When eyelids are heavy

and tears are running down my cheek


I wait for that moment after the sun as set
as my head lays down

I wait for that moment when I remember who I am


Only to fall fast asleep and forget


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