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April 11, 2016
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Is Magic Lost?

I used to believe there was more magic in my world
I used to be more intrigued
Time has taught me it's safer to not want
It's better to not expect anything from anyone
I also allowed a huge part of my passion to be stolen in the night
My Excitement
My creative vibrant self always thinking of new ideas, new images, new ways to create
Those Rockets hit walls more times then I have numbers for
Over time I grew tired of the rage of having my cookie stolen in the night
Screamed so much till I questioned the reason for screaming any longer
Here I sit
Jack in his box
Was the idea lost?
Did it ever really exists?
Or was it just part of my imagination never materialized
Excitement, Hope & Expectation have been the Devil to push me off the cliff into the abyss of hopelessness
If all your life this path has followed true
How long before you no longer journey?
Where do you go when you realize magic was stolen?
You can't trust excitement, you already know that Devil
Try to self Heal?
Healing leads to hope.
Hope leads to the cliff of despair
Make peace with my aloneness for the 100th time?
Wonder is there some rock I failed to over turn?
Maybe some seeds I forgot to plant
Only the germination feels past my life span
Following my own thoughts still leads me astray
Yet I wonder

(C) Jack Roman
All Content Copyright © 2021 Jack Roman Photography All Rights Reserved
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