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February 24, 2004
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It was just a Dance

But somehow I’ve changed

It was just a HUG

But it was so tender, so caring

Something opened up inside me

Feels like there is a part of me that stayed there that night

and didn’t come home with me

Something Missing

Yet another piece that I took home

That wasn’t mine or I had not seen in a very long time

It was just a Dance

But was it?


It was just a dance

But it allowed for guards to be dropped

It allowed openness to transpire

It allowed for 2 people who generally care about each other

To show it with out thought

It set a stage for fun, laughter, interaction, flirting and communing


Driving home with an overwhelming

sense of well being


It will be months from now that I’ll come to realize

It was not just a DANCE…….


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