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November 26, 2013
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Kundalini Rising

A Dragon starts to wake
He wants to coil himself up my spine
Thrust his wings out my back and set my chest on fire with his huge blazing heart
Life, perceived situations, old patters slow progress or sometimes push it back
Getting better at fine tuning my radio
More and more dialing in stations like
Love FM
Connection FM
Or my favorite Fuck Yea FM
I seek to create better home pages for my life's web browser
Intimacy . com
Joy . com
I take a breath
I see the hurt, I see the fear
I take another breath
Honoring them
Giving them space to allow movement
A changing of the Guard
The Dragon feeds off of Lovingness
I sit and meditate and pray
That I might be able to feed this Majestic Beast
To give wings shape and form
That I may be able to take flight
Grounded by a cage I didn't invite
I seek to remember a time before
Opening to those who understand
To share in our journey
To take flight
To sit
Lending an ear to others who might struggle with taking flight
Or even just manifesting wings
We all journey together
I wish for you prosperous travels

(C) Jack Roman


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